Bond Transfers 

The process for a Brookwood member to sell their bond is as follows. 
The bond must be current and all prior years’ dues paid for the bond to be eligible to be transferred.

The seller and buyer must agree upon a price and exchange the money.
The seller must give the purchaser their membership information form and package. The seller should cross out their information on the membership form and have the purchaser insert their information above each applicable line.
Mail the bond, membership form, and dues to

  • Brookwood Swim Club, P.O. Box 17682, Edgewood, KY  41017

  • OR drop it off at the front desk at the pool.

The purchaser can pick up their membership cards at the pool. The re-registration of the bond will take several weeks.
It is Brookwood's policy to issue a NEW Bond in the purchaser's name.