Is Brookwood opening this season?

Currently, the governor has not provided a date for the reopening of pools in Kentucky. That said, we are encouraged by the reopening of pools in Ohio and Indiana and anticipate Kentucky will not be far behind. In the meantime, we are doing everything we can to ensure the club is ready to open on the first day we are permitted to do so.


Why should I pay my dues if the pool might not open?

While other clubs have come and gone, Brookwood has survived 64 years because of its unique structure and incredible members. Brookwood is an equity club. When you purchased your bond, you became an equal share owner with all of the other active members. If Brookwood and the nine acres on which it sits were to be sold at a profit, all bondholders in good standing would share equally in that profit. Likewise, when Brookwood has financial responsibilities that must be met, we share equally in those obligations. It falls on us to ensure the financial stability of the club, for this season and for years to come.


What happens if I don’t pay my dues this year?

Given the current circumstances, it’s important that members are aware of their obligation to pay their annual dues—and the impact of not doing so. Membership dues provide for the necessary operation, maintenance and improvement of the club’s facilities and enable the club to operate on a sound and equitable basis. If a member doesn’t pay their dues, not only is the club’s income reduced, that member’s bond, or share, is reduced by the amount of the unpaid dues. Delinquencies amounting to the value of the bond result in a cancellation of the bond—and the member’s status as an equity owner—until the outstanding dues have been repaid to bring the bond back into good standing.


Why should we pay the same amount for a shorter season?

Even without a full season, it’s possible a unique summer like this could cost the same, or more, than a normal season. We may need more staff members to ensure compliance with mandates from the government and health department. We will likely need to clean the facility more often and make physical adjustments to the grounds to help with social distancing. We may see a reduction in guest fee income due to potential capacity restrictions. We may have members who choose to forgo their member-ownership, reducing membership income. The board is taking special care to limit spending wherever possible to prepare for these unforeseen circumstances.


Will I get a refund if the club doesn’t open or the season is shortened?

The club has a lot of expenses in caring for the property that occur regardless of whether or not the pool opens—property tax, mortgage, utilities, insurance, licenses and maintenance to name a few. That said, the board will crunch the numbers at the end of the season or if and when a decision is made not to open the club to determine if there is a potential for a credit toward next summer’s dues.


What if I’m having a hard time paying my dues but I want to maintain my membership?

We understand these are tough times for many of our members. If you are able to pay in full, we ask that you do so now, so we can indeed open the club when given the green light. If, however, you need to spread out your payments, we now have installment options available for each membership level on the payment site. If you can’t pay in full, please commit to a payment plan today so we know your intentions.


What is being done at the club to prepare for the season?

The board of directors, along with many other member volunteers, are working diligently to prepare the club for opening day. From prepping the pool itself to cleaning, painting and freshening up the grounds … there is plenty to do if you’d like to help out! Those who are interested should contact Justin Slusher or Dave Phelps.


What steps are you taking to prepare the club to prevent the spread of COVD-19?

Ensuring the wellbeing of our staff and members is our top priority this summer. We are encouraged by the CDC’s report that there is no evidence the virus can be spread through the water in pools and that proper operation and maintenance, including disinfection with chlorine, should inactivate the virus in the water. While we are unaware of specific requirements for Kentucky pools at this time, we have a committee that is currently evaluating federal and other states’ guidance for pools and Kentucky guidance for retail and restaurants to determine likely requirements and develop a plan to ensure compliance and a healthy environment for all.

If you have a question that's not on this list, please reach out to us at and we'll do our best to answer your question with the information we have at this time.