Welcome to Summer 2019
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Brookwood Swim Club

Welcome to the 2019 summer season at Brookwood Swim Club!

There have been well over 200 volunteer hours put in since the beginning of April getting the old “Diamond in the Rough” ready for it’s 63rd season, and she looks fantastic! We can’t wait to get started! Here’s a preview of what’s in store.


May 25th-27th-Opening Weekend!
We will start the summer on Friday May 25th with a meet and greet opening night. The grand festivities begin on
Saturday May 26th with the Webster brothers spinning tunes and giving out prizes, a visit from the Cincinnati Zoo
bringing a selection of animals, free hot dogs and live music in the evening from Quiet Storm.


June 9th-GO Pantry Fundraiser
On Sunday, June 9th we will have the GO Pantry fundraiser sponsored by Katie Robbins Realty. This event is
hosted by Katie Robbins Realty who will be providing food and drinks, free of charge, to Brookwood! We are asking
Brookwood members to bring any non-perishable food product that will be donated to GO Pantry, in particular juice
boxes and SpaghettiOs. Last year we donated over 1,500 food items and $600 to GO Pantry, so let’s top it this year!
GO Brookwood!


June 15th-Fortnight Game Night
On Saturday, June 15th we will be hosting our first Fortnight Game Night. Gamers bring your A-game!


June 23rd-Hot Wing Challenge
Rest your taste buds up for Sunday, June 23rd’s Hot Wing Challenge. Last year’s had over a dozen contestants and
with the majority of the membership watching was a great, fun event. Again this year’s contest will feature three
wings each round, three rounds of sauces, each more wicked than the previous. Members (and their guests) are able
to sign up the day of, early sign up is preferred and we will have a signup sheet at the front desk. This is a free event.


July 5th-Live Music
To celebrate our nation’s birth, on Friday, July 5th, back by popular demand, we will have live music from Trouble
with Tina starting at 7PM. These guys played twice last summer and really rocked the place. We received a lot of
great feedback from our members so we are happy for their return in 2019!


July 7th-Family Day
Always a huge event at Brookwood, our first Family Day of the year will be on Sunday, July 7th, and will include the
Webster Brothers spinning tunes at the DJ table and orchestrating a never ending adventure of games for the kids
and adults alike; balloon toss, coin dive and dance contests for the kids, a (return of the wildly popular) beer dive for
the adults and the belly flop contest.


July 28th-Iron Chef Competition
We are pleased to say the yearly tradition of the Iron Chef competition continues in 2019 on Sunday, July 28th, and,
once again, contestants will be given a 2 pound section of pork loin and may do whatever they want to prepare it for
the panel of judges. Plates will be judged on taste and texture of pork, originality and presentation. Hone up your
skills and enter the field of contestants for a prized spot on the trophy! Pre registration is highly encouraged and sign
up sheet will be at the front desk. This also is a free event to enter.


August 3rd-Adult Night Party
Adult Night will be hosted on Saturday, August 3rd this year and will feature Ryan Snyder Band. This is going to
be a great night, RS Band played two years ago and were really awesome! We will have beer (and beer buckets)
and wine for sale at the Tiki Hut, food booth, split the pot, and a silent auction to benefit the Brookwood Bluefish
Swim and Dive Team. No fee for members, guests will be charged $5 at the door and guest passes will not be
honored on Adult Night. There will be no coolers nor food permitted on the premises on this night. Members
are encouraged to bring guests to show off our fantastic club to their friends as it is a night that we will shine!


August 10th-Dive In Movie
Saturday, August 10th will be the setting for our Dive-In Movie night. Always a treat for parents and kids. Popcorn
and special treats will be available. Movie will begin around 9:30 pm when it gets dark enough to see the video on
the screen. Feature film TBA.


August 18th-Family Day 2
Family Day 2 will be hosted on Sunday, August 18th. Join the Webster Brothers for another Sunday Funday.
Cookout, games and our yearly elections for board positions. Please remember Brookwood is a member
driven-member owned club, there is no CEO. If you have considered doing more for Brookwood, now is your chance!
There will be a sign up sheet by the front door, please register early.


September 2nd-Cajun Day
The Closing Ceremonies festivities continue this year with Cajun Day on Monday, September 2nd. Bring a dish to
share with friends and show off your N’awlins skills.. Set up at the Tiki Hut or on the Upper Deck by the TV for
families that are nearer to the baby pool..


Guest Passes are on sale throughout the summer. Price increases from $5 to $10 will take effect on June 1st.
Remember, the same guest can only be brought to the pool 3 times per season, otherwise we need to encourage them to become
members (single bonds are very reasonably priced). Monday through 5PM Friday, rates for guests are $5 per person.
After 5PM Friday through close on Sunday rates for guests are $10 per person. Guest passes will be stamped for a
second day if used during the $5 weekday times.


Booking a Party
Members who would like to celebrate a special occasion are able to book a party ensuring you have a reserved
space.If you plan to book a party, email brookwood.swimclub@gmail.com to book. A non-refundable deposit of $50
is due at the time of booking. A $100 security deposit is due 7 days prior to your event. This will be returned at the
end of the event unless damage or extra clean-up is required. Neither guests nor hosts of the party are not permitted
to bring in beer for the event, beer must be purchased through the club and coolers will be checked. Beer can be
pre-purchased for your event at $1 per beer. When the member-host leaves the club, all guest must be leave as well.
The member-host must check out with the club manager before leaving or the security deposit is forfeited. Rates for
party rentals are as follows:
Upper Deck: 8 tables - $250
Upper Deck A or B: 4 tables - $125
Old Baby Pool: 2 tables - $75

Sun Deck: 6 tables - $200
Sun Deck A or B: 3 tables - $100


As we ramp up to the beginning of the year and some schools are still in session, pool hours will be suited to support
the available staff. These hours will be posted at the front gate. Regular hours will resume as of June 10th. As we get
to the end of August and school re-opens, hours will be based on the availability of staff and posted at the front gate..
Brookwood is a member driven, member owned club. We have a very unique layout, the largest pool in NKY and
membership that is committed to keeping Brookwood safe and fun. It is our membership that makes Brookwood the
truly spectacular environment it is....a place where people of all backgrounds come together for fun and a safe place
for their children to disconnect, get out, exercise, and connect with friends.
Here’s to a fabulous 2019 season!


Todd Hussey and Dave Peru
Social Event Co-Directors, Brookwood Board of Directors
Like the FB Page here: https://www.facebook.com/BrookwoodSwimClubKY/
Visit the website here: https://www.brookwoodswimclub.com/



Rules and Considerations Reminder

We’d like to remind members of the following rules to follow:
● No pushing each other into the pool
● One bounce on the diving board
● No rolling the diving board wheel/fulcrum
● No kids in the adult area no matter what
● No kids in lap lane unless swimming laps
● No pool noodle fights, no huge pool floats, no squirt guns
● No ball tossing when busy/when elderly in shallow end
● No running behind the building, tether ball only
● Parental supervision at all times in the baby pool
● No drinks in the pool
● If you have a party with non-members as guests, when the party is over or the
member leaves, all guests must leave
Here’s to a fantastic 2019 season!
Peggy,Michael and Eric