Dear Friends,


I hope this note finds everyone and their families safe and healthy. We are all longing for the day when Brookwood reopens her gates to summertime fun. This year, more than any other in the 64 years of our club, those crystal-clear waters are needed. Hopefully it won’t be long before our belly flop champion Greg Webster is soaking the pavement once again. While this summer may have some government-regulated rules that we are not used to, and that we still are not aware of, our hope is that it will not keep our beloved club from providing you with a relaxing place to spend the summer with your family and friends.


The board of directors is constantly monitoring the situation, and is anxiously awaiting some sort of direction on when and if Brookwood will be able to open. We did receive some good news yesterday with Ohio announcing that its pools will be opening on May 26—hopefully Kentucky isn’t far behind. 


Like everyone else, Brookwood is not immune to economic hardships during this unprecedented time. As most of you are aware, Brookwood is a member-owned pool, and, as such, it lives and dies with its members. As member-owners, we pay annual dues that cover not just what everyone sees from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The dues cover our mortgage, property tax, utilities, insurance, licenses, maintenance and more. These expenses exist with or without the pool being open for business.


A significant portion of our members pay their dues upon walking in the door on opening weekend. While we understand the desire to do this, it puts the board of directors in a tough position. This uncertainty about our main source of income to operate makes it difficult to budget and plan accordingly since Brookwood is a not-for-profit entity. We do not have big investors or a corporation with deep pockets to turn to when members choose not to pay. We, the member-owners, are the ones responsible for keeping the lights on, and that is why it is so crucial that we all stand together if we want Brookwood to survive into the future.


At this time, only 1/3 of our members have paid their dues. To the members who have paid, thank you! We want to be able to open as soon as we get the green light, and in order to do that, we need everyone else to pay as soon as possible. We understand that this may be a stretch for some families this year, and we are happy to work with you. The board of directors does not want to lose anyone because they can’t pay. If an installment plan works better for you this year, let the board know, and we’ll help you set one up. If you are experiencing serious financial troubles and think you cannot join us this year, please contact the board so we can discuss options to keep your family part of the Brookwood family.


The board of directors will continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and will begin updating everyone on a weekly basis of what is being done to prepare for the 2020 season. We cannot wait to see everyone at the pool, and we look forward to another fun-filled summer at Brookwood Swim Club.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

President, Brookwood Board of Directors