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Frequently Asked Questions


Brookwood Membership

How much are summer dues?  

Purchase a bond from Brookwood in 2023, and pay half-price dues your first season!

Bond Purchase & First Year’s Dues:

  • Family Bond and Dues

$ 500.00 (bond) + $ 262.50 (dues)


  • 2 Person Bond and Dues

$ 375.00 (bond) + $ 205.00 (dues)


  • Single Bond and Dues

$ 250.00 (bond) + $ 170.00 (dues)


Dues for Existing Members:

  • Family - $525.00

  • 2 Person - $410.00 

  • Single - $340.00

What is the membership referral program?

Current members are encouraged to bring friends and family to the pool to share the Brookwood experience! If an existing member refers a new member, who purchases a bond directly from Brookwood in 2023 and lists the existing member as their referral source, the existing member will receive a $100.00 discount on their 2024 dues. Please note, the new member must note in writing in the referral section of the membership registration form the name of the existing member who referred them.


What is a pool bond?

A bond is a share of ownership in the club. Brookwood runs as a nonprofit organization by the owners of the club. When you buy a bond, you become a member-owner and have the right and responsibility to help maintain the club along with the other member-owners.

The bond remains active as long as dues payments are up to date. As an owner, you can also sell your bond to another prospective member.


Who manages the pool?  

Brookwood is a member-owned pool; a volunteer board manages the club overall. The board hires a summer pool manager who hires assistant management and other pool staff to perform the day-to-day operations of the club.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the board, you are always welcome! Board members serve a three-year term, and 1/3 of the board rotates off each year. New board member elections are in August. Please contact a current board member (names and positions are listed on the website) or send an e-mail to the pool inbox from our website, if you would like to know more.


How are pool events chosen and run?

Volunteer support is what drives the pool events! The board plans and manages an events calendar each year but is always open to new ideas. If you would like to volunteer for an existing event or sponsor a new one, please contact any board member. We’d love to have the help!


Can I bring guests to the pool?

You can bring guests to Brookwood anytime! Unlike many clubs that don’t allow guests or limit them to weekdays, you can invite your friends to join you for a swim or a particular Brookwood event. Members may bring guests for a $5 fee on weekdays and $10 on weekends. Children under 3 are free. The member must be present at the same time as their guest(s). Members have the opportunity to buy guest passes in advance for $5 each. 

I have feedback about the pool. Who do I tell?

Anytime you have suggestions, concerns or compliments, please feel free to notify a member of the pool staff/and or the board at We get lots of great ideas and suggestions from the membership, so please keep the lines of communication open. And since this is a member-owned pool, your help in addressing ideas and concerns is always welcome too!

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