My Fellow Brookwoodians,
As winter comes to a close it is the time of the year to start thinking about our favorite summertime escape. In a few short weeks it will once again be time for the gates of Brookwood to open for a 63rd summer. I’m very happy to report that we once again have a lot of new renovations, events and activities for everyone. What exactly do we have in store for everyone this year?

First and foremost, we have some major renovations going on that everyone, young and old will benefit
from. These are some very large projects, some of you may have seen pictures or videos posted on Facebook. We are hoping to have all of these done for everyone to enjoy before opening day.


This year we will also be implementing new membership database software. This is a great addition and will help us continue to grow on many levels. It will allow for easier pool management, scheduling, invoicing, etc. Jeff Burg has been hard at work implementing this new software and should be commended for all the time and effort he has put into this project. The best part of this software is that everyone will also be able to set up their own account at the concession stand, so no one will have to bring cash or credit cards to the pool if they do not wish! Please make sure your most current email
address is on file, as a link will be sent with registration instructions within the next week. In consideration of the delay this transition has caused, the discount for early payment of dues has been extended this year to Sunday, April 7th.


Also keep in mind that Brookwood is a great place to have your summer parties; birthday’s, family reunions, or end of year sports team parties. Please view the website for details, options and Information on how to schedule your party.


The last point I wanted to touch on is the increase in dues this year. Everyone wants to keep Brookwood as affordable for families as possible, but unfortunately as operational costs increase there is only so much that can be done. Dues have not been raised in 7 years and since that time, minimum wage, utilities and chemical costs have all increased. In addition to that, everyone’s annual dues are now taxed. Because of these increases, dues will be raised slightly to cover the increase in costs as well as the taxes. Single members dues will be $315, couples will be $385 and families will be $500.


Our social and recreation committee is currently planning another fun filled summer as well. We will have two Family Days, our annual Member Appreciation Day sponsored by Keller Williams and member Katie Robbins, an adult night party, more movie nights, the Iron Chef and Iron Chef Jr. competitions, the Hot Wing Challenge and much more. Todd Hussey also has a number of incredible bands lined up for everyone to enjoy. This summer will once again prove that you cannot beat your entertainment dollar value anywhere.


Let’s also not forget our awesome swim program. Board member and swim program director Brandon Napier and his team are hard at work planning for another huge year. Whether your child is in the “Bubble School” age group, or ready to be a Blue Fish, we have a program for you. Along with teaching your child how to swim, we also offer the opportunity to compete in the Northern Kentucky Swim League (NKSL). So get those little ones ready to train to have other swim clubs “eat their bubbles”!


So, see any reason not to look forward to another amazing, fun filled summer at Brookwood? I would
hope not. Rest assured, the team is hard at work to continue on our strong tradition of summertime
fun, for our 63 rd year.


In closing, please remember our membership referral special. If a new member buys a bond from the
club, and lists you as the reason for coming when actually filling out the paperwork, you get $50 off next
year’s dues. Get as many as you want. It’s an easy way to help the club AND benefit from doing so.


Thank you for being a part of the Brookwood family. On behalf of the entire board, we look forward to
making more memories this year; sharing more meals, shooting hoops, and watching our kids grow up.
And most of all, I look forward to spending another great year with you at our summer home.


Ryan Fitzpatrick
President, Board of Directors