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Interested in joining Brookwood Swim & Tennis Club for 2023?


If the serene setting hasn’t convinced you to join, Brookwood offers a broad range of amenities such as a baby pool, basketball court, green spaces, complimentary propane grills, and affordable drinks and snacks for children and adults. Brookwood also offers a large number of services such as a swim team, swim lessons, movie nights, adult nights and much more. Join and discover why Brookwood has been a great place to relax for over 60 summers!

Not sure if you want to rent or buy?
Brookwood offers a variety of ways to experience a summer of fun and relaxation. Prices are graduated depending on whether you need a Single, Two Person or Family membership. New members have an opportunity to rent a membership for one summer before they are required to purchase a bond. Pick a plan that fits and join the pool!


2023 Bond Purchase & First Year’s Dues (dues discounted 50% first year):

  • Family Bond and Dues 

$ 500.00 (bond) + $ 262.50 (dues)


  • 2 Person Bond and Dues

$ 375.00 (bond) + $ 205.00 (dues)


  • Single Bond and Dues

$ 250.00 (bond) + $ 170.00 (dues)

2023 Dues for Existing Members:

  • Family - $525.00

  • 2 Person - $410.00

  • Single - $340.00


2023 Membership Rental Rates: 
(available for new renters only, for one season only)

  • Family Rental

$ 625.00


  • 2 Person Rental

$ 510.00


  • Single Rental

$ 400.00

Brookwood New Member Registration Form

If you would like more information about membership, contact our Membership Director at If you’d like to schedule a free visit, call Brookwood at (859) 360-0906 and ask to speak to a manager.

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