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Pool Rules

  1. No Running.

  2. No hanging on the lane lines.

  3. No horseplay including chicken fights or jumping into the pool while holding hands.

  4. No chewing gum on pool property.

  5. No glass of any kind on pool property.

  6. No food or beverages within three feet of either pool.

  7. No jumping in backward or flipping in from the side walls or gutters.

  8. No diving in the shallow end.

  9. No large rafts in the shallow end.

  10. No giant multiperson rafts.

  11. No squirt guns.

  12. No hard balls or objects may be thrown in the pool.

  13. No pushing people or throwing people into the pool.

  14. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board.

  15. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.

  16. Jump straight off the diving board and not off the side.

  17. Wait to jump off the diving board until the prior person prior swims to the ladder.

  18. Inflatable flotation devices cannot be worn while using the diving board. Lifejackets that include a between the legs strap are acceptable.

  19. Must be 17 years or older to swim during an adult swim or in the adult area.

  20. Those 16 and younger in age must be three feet from the pool during adult swim.

  21. The baby pool is reserved for children 5 or younger and they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  22. Children that are not toilet trained must wear pool diapers at all times.

  23. No “Heelys” or footwear with wheels are permitted.

  24. No bouncing balls on the deck.

  25. No walking or climbing on or behind pool walls.

  26. Do not adjust the diving board.

  27. Do not talk to lifeguards who are on duty.

  28. Shoes of some kind must be worn on the tennis courts.

  29. No “Tennis-Baseball” on the tennis courts when members are playing tennis.

  30. No foul or inappropriate language.

  31. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool

  32. No spitting or blowing your nose in the pool.

  33. No person with a communicable disease allowed in the pool.

  34. No person with an eye, ear or nasal infections allowed in the pool.

  35. No animals or pets allowed within the facility.

  36. Must be 21 or accompanied by an adult to be in the tiki bar.

  37. No diving through inflatable rafts.

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