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Board Of Directors



We want you to know who to go to if any questions or issues arise. Do not hesitate to bring something to our attention. But most of all, enjoy the summer! We’re very excited about this year! In accordance with the By-Laws, the Brookwood Swim and Tennis Club Board of Directors is a wholly voluntary group receiving no compensation or remuneration.  The officers of the Board are designated by the Board members during their October organizational session. 

The Board of Directors are as follows:   

Bree Pardue, President

Rob Martin, Vice President

Mike Kuebler, Treasurer

Beth Weber, Secretary

Greg Webster, Trustee

Brandon Napier, Swim & Dive Team Director

Josh Feldmann, Member at Large

TJ Day, Member at Large

Joshua Martin, Member at Large

Erik Rowekamp, Member at Large

Ryan Webster, Member at Large

David Miller, Member at Large​



Membership: TJ Day, Rob Martin

Marketing: Josh Feldmann, Beth Weber, David Miller

Operations: Bree Pardue, Ryan Webster, Rob Martin

Grounds & Maintenance: Erik Rowekamp, Joshua Martin

Events: Bree Pardue, Greg Webster, Ryan Webster​


If you need to reach one of the board members, please reach out via email. We'll make sure the message gets to the right folks. The Brookwood Swim and Tennis Club By-Laws are the founding documents outlining the operation of this Club. These can be amended, as defined in the By-Laws. 

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