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What is the General Admission Price for the Pool?

Brookwood is a private pool and we do not have any general admission day passes. To attend the pool you must either be a member or purchase a guest pass in attendance with a member. 

What is a pool bond?

A bond is a share of ownership in the club. Brookwood runs as a nonprofit organization by the owners of the club. When you buy a bond, you become a member-owner and have the right and responsibility to help maintain the club along with the other member-owners.​The bond remains active as long as dues payments are up to date. 

What do you mean when you say the club is member-owned?

Although we hire professional managers and guard staff, Brookwood is not owned or run by a big pool management company nor the City of Edgewood. We’re a registered non-profit social club, governed by a member-elected board of trustees and managed by teams of committees. This means that by joining the club, you become one of the stakeholders of the club and join our mission of restoring and rebuilding our classic 1950’s gem. We ask our members to contribute to the success and operations of our club by doing things like volunteering for a fun summer event, helping at a swim meet, or even helping with beautification projects.

If the Club is a non-profit corporation, how are my dues used?

As a registered legal not-for-profit organization, all income from membership dues or fundraising go directly towards facility operations and supplies, utilities, staff payroll, taxes, licenses, permits, and needed repair/maintenance/improvement (as available funds permit.) The Board and committees of the Club are all volunteers and are not financially compensated.

What is the membership referral program?

Current members are encouraged to bring friends and family to the pool to share the Brookwood experience! If an existing member refers a new member, who purchases a bond directly from Brookwood and lists the existing member as their referral source, the existing member will receive a $100.00 discount on the next year's dues. Please note, the new member must note in writing in the referral section of the membership registration form the name of the existing member who referred them.

Can I bring guests to the pool?

You can bring guests to Brookwood anytime! Unlike many clubs that don’t allow guests or limit them to weekdays, you can invite your friends to join you for a swim or a particular Brookwood event. Members may bring guests for a $5 fee on weekdays and $10 on weekends. Children under 3 are free. The member must be present at the same time as their guest(s). Members have the opportunity to buy guest passes in advance for $5 each. 

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